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ABS is a thermoplastic with a special combination of physical properties, thanks to which it has become very popular in 3D printing and not only. For example, in the automotive industry, tuning.
All plastic elements (bumpers, console, door trims) are made of ABS. The bodies of parts, appliances and household appliances are also made of it.

imprimir abs
imprimir abs
imprimir abs
imprimir abs

What makes this material so attractive?

Resistance properties

ABS has good elasticity, sufficient for a wide range of applications.
Parts made of ABS can withstand shock and fracture loads.


ABS is made from petroleum, is easy to produce and, because of this, is cheap compared to similar materials.

Wide range of temperatures of use

This characteristic is better than, for example, PET-G and PLA, and allows ABS to be used in washing machines, dishwashers and other mechanisms subject to thermal loads.

Wear resistance

ABS also has such an important property as wear resistance.
And it can be used as gears or other parts subjected to friction and mechanical loads.

Easy post-processing

ABS is easy to process mechanically after 3D printing, such as grinding, and also chemically with substances such as dichloromethane or acetone, allowing a shiny surface.


What ABS is made of.

ABS is usually used to manufacture parts such as:

  • Helmets. Due to the resistance and elasticity of the hulls, strong and non-brittle pieces are obtained, and due to the ease of processing they can be easily processed.
  • Tuning parts. The ease of machining and resistance make ABS the best material to manufacture this type of parts.
  • Automotive parts and components. Its good chemical and environmental resistance make this material popular among motorists.
  • Gears. As ABS is wear-resistant, gears and mechanically loaded parts made of ABS last a long time.
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