Do you want to realise a 3D printing idea or project, but don’t know which one yet?
Take a look at some popular ideas that we have a lot of experience with.
3D printing of objects: figurines of people and yourself, heroes and characters, customised biscuit moulds, personalised mobile phone cases.


Impresión 3D de una figura humana|3D printing of a human figurine|3д печать фигурки человека

Human figurine

Would you like to give a friend a figurine for his birthday? We will help you with our experience and inspiration. How will we do

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Impresión 3D de cortadores de galletas a partir de fotografías|3D printing of cookie cutters from photos|3д печать формочек для печенья по фото

Cookie cutters

Want to surprise your friends for the holidays? It will be real and interesting surprises for your guests. How do we do it? Designing a

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How does it work?
You contact us, send us a description of what you want to realise, drawings, sketches, plans and we will use our experience and skills to realise this idea.
If we already have experience in realising the same ideas, we will modernise this idea to meet your needs.
If there is no experience, then we take all the most necessary of our 3d printing experience and capabilities and realise it.

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