3D print

3D printing

High-quality and accurate printing on a wide variety of materials

3D modeling

3D modeling

Designing 3D models according to your tasks, drawings and drawings

3D calc

3D calculator

Calculating the cost of 3D printing online depending on material and printing characteristics

3D viewer

3D view

View 3D models online, calculate volume, area and dimensions

We offer the most modern methods of 3D printing:

  • FDM/FFF printing with various materials – environmentally friendly PLA, ABS, PET-G, durable Carbon and Nylon
  • SLA/DLP printing with photopolymer resins – durable ABS-Like, rubber Flex, optimal Base

For a complete list of materials, please see the 3D Printing Materials Selection Guide page.

If there is no 3D model, we will provide the service 3D modeling. The service is calculated based on the working hours of the 3D modeler. Modeling is carried out according to drawings, diagrams and drawings.
Experienced specialists will help you create the optimal model for printing and its characteristics, and select the optimal printing method and material.

If you have a 3D model, you can download it on the page calculate the cost of 3D printing online and calculate the cost of printing yourself.</ p>

Or download the model in 3D format on the model viewing page and check it visually and the model’s characteristics: dimensions, volume, area.</p >