imprimir PET-G

PET-G has recently gained popularity and is being used instead of ABS and PLA.
Why is PET-G so good? This plastic is very familiar to us, because it is the one used to make plastic bottles for water and beverages.
Thanks to its properties, PET-G has become popular.

imprimir PET-G
imprimir PET-G
imprimir PET-G
imprimir PET-G

What are these special properties?

Adhesion between layers

The adhesion of the layers of a part printed in PET-G is very high, which gives it great resistance.
Think about the resistance of plastic bottles made from this material.

Interaction with food

PET-G products can constantly interact with food products and PET-G can be used to make children’s toys or tableware, which distinguishes it from ABS, whose parts cannot boast such properties.

Low deformation in 3D printing

PET-G does not deform much during printing, which allows many things to be printed from it without problems, unlike materials such as ABS, Neylon or PP.


What kind of things and parts is PET-G used for?

  • Tableware. Bottles, plates, cutlery.
  • Children’s toys and souvenirs.
  • Bodies, parts for household appliances.
  • Tuning parts
  • Gears


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