children's drawing

We were contacted by a client whose daughter saw an unknown animal in a dream, drew a picture and really wanted her friends to see it.

favorite heroes

A fan of Club Winx really wanted to make a figurine of her favorite childhood cartoon character.

realization of fantasies

The client came up with his own hero - a demon with wings, and we helped him realize his fantasy

¿Why us?

Information support

Ask us questions and we will answer all your questions and conduct a free consultation

Minimal design for free

With a minimum order, 3D modeling of simple products is free

Our experience in implementing ideas

Thanks to our experience, we will help you formulate your idea and bring it to life.

How it works?

Our 3D concept is the realization of your idea from the formulation of the idea, transferring it to paper in the form of a drawing or blueprint, and then as a 3D model to 3D printing.
Want to make your wildest fantasies come true or make your creative idea come true?
Or implement your engineering knowledge and don’t know how?
We realize everything you want from creating a 3D model to its realization in reality.

Stages of 3D printing

your idea

You send your idea, formulate it, and we create its 3D model

3d printing

We determine the printing method and print the physical materialization of the idea


After 3D printing and processing, you get the finished part


How it works? How is 3D printing done?

Do you have ideas and don’t know what to do with it? Contact us.

You give us your idea, we analyze it based on our own 3D printing experience and propose a project based on experience and all the possibilities of 3D printing and 3D modeling.
All work can be divided into 3 simple steps:
1) Idea analysis and project development, approval.
2) Creation of a 3D model and its completion.
3) 3D printing according to the required technology, processing, painting, varnishing.

Our experience and your ideas will make 3D printing easy and simple.

What is required of me?

We need to share our ideas!
And to be more precise, it is necessary to formulate a technical task.
This is just a visual representation of the idea.
Answer the questions:

  • meaning, purpose, what is it for?
  • what functions and features are required?
  • dimensions, color and quality of 3D printing
    material quality for 3D printing

What can be ordered?

Anything that can be printed on a 3D printer.
Here are the basic ideas for 3D printing:

  • instrument cases, various devices and useful little things
  • children’s toys, figurines, decorative items, souvenirs
  • molds for printing
    prototypes of parts and mechanisms
    vases, bottles

and much more

Payment and delivery

You can pay for the order on our website or we will send you an invoice by mail or messengers.
Delivery is carried out through transport companies throughout Europe

Idea example


quality design

Full cycle of “turnkey” creation




Submit an idea

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